Customer Testimonials

At Bank of Internet USA, we take the trust our customers place in us very seriously. When they express satisfaction with our , , , , , , and other products and services, we consider it praise of the highest order. We invite you to read a sampling of some of the customer testimonials we have collected over the years and then explore some of these banking products and services for yourself. We would be honored to welcome you as a Bank of Internet USA customer.

  • "A WOW Customer Service Experience…

    Pleased to let you know that I received a "WOW" Customer Service experience from your associate Arlene this afternoon. She represents BofI in the most positive manner by addressing all my questions in an orderly, professional and warm manner. Please pass this on to her supervisor as she really deserves the praise: she earned it!"


  • "The process was extremely easy and straight forward…

    I found Bank of Internet through a friend who referred me after his positive experiences he's had with the bank. When I went to sign up for a checking account, the process was extremely easy and straight forward. I got in touch with a representative to ask him questions about any hidden monthly fees or maintenance fees. I was pleased and relieved to find there's no hidden fees like other banks love to charge and no minimum monthly balance. They also offer great features like mobile banking and mobile deposit which some banks incredibly still haven't come around to offering. I appreciate the fact Bank of Internet USA offers a cash back rewards program that I will definitely make use of in the future. I'd like to point out that during this process, the representative was extremely attentive, friendly, and eager to answer all of the questions I had to ask. Based on my experience so far, I'd recommend Bank of Internet USA to family and friends."

    -Steve J

  • "My last bank charged me $12 a month…

    I have been using a checking account with this bank for a little under two years. During that time I have recommended it to two family members. I plan on opening a savings account with them in the near future, because I have been pretty pleased with their services. Customer service is awesome, if you call you will not be put on hold for ten minutes. They have normal ATM use and it's free which is better than my last bank. So far I have had no fees which is amazing because my last bank charged me $12 a month! I have earned cash back on some things just by using my debit card. It hasn't been a ton but it adds up quickly. I like this bank overall."


  • "We are very pleased by the exceptional services...

    We are very pleased by the exceptional services received so far. The loan officer, David Logreco, is the best and trustworthy loan consultant we have ever worked with. He was always courteous, professional, and honest during our loan application process. The loan processor, Ethan Landau, was very responsive and on top of our application, so that we were able to close our loan in 3 weeks by the deadline. Their expertise in this field as well as their willingness to go above and beyond in customer services has earned our trust. All in all, thanks to David, Ethan, and Bank of Internet USA Management!"


  • "Working with BofI was a pleasure...

    Working with BofI was a pleasure. They were responsive, knowledgeable and I wouldn't expect anything less than excellent customer service by a company that is Costco's preferred lender. It was my first time buying a home and they were there to answer questions and explain everything clearly and patiently throughout the process. At first my Realtor was somewhat apprehensive about working with out of town lender, but now she calls BofI "Bank of Costco". Crystal and Whitney were excellent. No hesitation to recommend them."


  • "Emily Altoro and Melissa Wallen were fantastic...

    Total value includes the purchasing experience and trusting the people you are buying from. Emily Altoro and Melissa Wallen were fantastic. I never felt like I was passed along in the process but that there was a team working together. I passed on a competitor because I felt more comfortable with Melissa from the first contact. Thank you both for a great experience."

    -Sharon S

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