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4 Benefits of an Annual Mortgage Review

It’s been a year since you purchased your home. You’ve finished adding personal touches to each room, enjoyed having friends and family over, and celebrated a few holidays. The last thing on your mind is talking to your lender about an Annual...

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4 Ways Bank Fees Steal Your Wealth & How to Avoid Them

$17 billion. That’s how much Americans pay in fees per year for overdrafts and non-sufficient funds (NSF)1. Meanwhile, ATM surcharge fees have reached an all-time high with a national average of $4.692 per transaction. Why are consumers paying so much money in bank fees? Two reasons. First,...

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The Benefits of Online Banks

The Basics of Online Banking Let’s start off with what an online bank is. Without a branch system, we are able to save on the high costs of operating bank branches across the nation. These savings are then passed on to you through some of the best rates in the nation for deposit products...

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Put Your Savings on Autopilot

We all want to save more, but starting your savings may feel overwhelming at first. How much do you need to save? Where will you find the extra money each month? Let’s start with how much you should save. A good rule of thumb is to put...

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Tips for Planning a Wedding on a Budget

Spring has arrived, and wedding season is in full bloom. If you are a bride or groom organizing your nuptials, you know that planning for the big day can be a chaotic time filled with tons of decisions and sky-high prices....

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