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Named a "Best Bank" by Advisory HQ

Dec 11, 2015

Bank of Internet USA is proud to announce that we have been chosen by Advisory HQ as one of the 13 Best Banks to Bank With for 2015. The top rated financial institutions selected for this prestigious list were strong in several areas, including offering some of the highest interest on savings accounts and yields on checking accounts, eliminating monthly fees and minimum balance requirements, and reimbursing unlimited ATM fees when other banks charge fees. Bank of Internet’s Rewards Checking Account follows this model closely, with zero fees, balance requirements, ATM fee reimbursements, and up to 1.25% APY.

Providing further proof that Bank of Internet’s online banking business model is on the forefront of current day banking, the well-respected trade publication addressed the question of how these banks were able to offer such high rates. They explain that most of the banks on the list have, “…unique banking business models. For example, most do not operate many bank branches, do not hire nearly as many employees as traditional brick-and-mortar banks, (and) rely heavily on automated online tools... and based on the above factors, many of these banks are able to pass along these ’overhead cost savings’ as additional interest to their depositors.”

Bank of Internet understands that the elimination of fees, plus the ability to make your money work for you, are top considerations for customers when deciding where to bank. We know that our highly efficient online business model allows us to pass savings like these onto our customers and are extremely proud to see our efforts in these areas be recognized by our peers in the industry.