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Retirement Planning: Alternatives to 401K

Reaching your 50s or 60s with very little money set aside for retirement is not unusual. According to the National Institute on Retirement Security, American households led by someone who is close to retirement age have on average $14,500 in retirement savings.It is really important to know all...

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The Ultimate Estate Planning Checklist

Planning for the future can be overwhelming; especially when you are trying to ensure your beloved ones are left with all the might need to overcome your final departure.As the majority of important things in life, estate planning is an ongoing process and should be started sooner rather than...

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It’s Never Too Soon to Start Saving for Your Dream Retirement

Going to work, spending time with your family and friends, studying at college, travelling, running errands… Our days are so packed with all kind of activities that it seems that we have barely a chance to stop and think about our future.In addition to such a busy schedule, recent studies reveal...

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