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Save More Money with Online Banking

Banking shouldn’t be filled with fees and restrictions. You can simplify your finances and save money by making the switch to an online bank. An online, branchless bank gives you the great customer service you have come to expect from traditional brick-and-mortar banks with the benefit of...

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How Much Money Should I Keep in My Savings Account?

First, a hearty congratulations to you. If you’re looking to build your savings, you’re already ahead of 61 percent of Americans who don’t even have enough savings to cover $1,000. However, while squirreling money away for savings is generally a good idea, it’s still a balancing act. Putting too...

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Should You Make the Leap from Renting to Homeownership?

In late October of 2015, a French sailor clung to the rigging pole of his disabled sailboat as it was tossed to and fro in frigid 20-foot seas 400 miles off the coast of Alaska. Nearby the rescue boat, Tor Viking, floated in front of the doomed sailboat. With his cat Pip securely tucked in his...

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VA Loans: Who's Ginnie Mae?

There are a lot of unusual names that pop up in discussions about home loans and the mortgage industry. Maybe you’ve wondered who Ginnie Mae is and what she has to do with home loans. Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae are also brought up frequently. Are they related to Ginnie Mae? And then there’s...

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Should You Invest in Bitcoin?

Thinking about making the leap into cryptocurrency? In 2017, Bitcoin saw a surge of popularity and went from an obscure idea amongst tech savvy investors to a legitimate investment source that created billionaires as the price of Bitcoin skyrocketed.   Priced at just under $1,000 in the...

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