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VA Loans: Who's Ginnie Mae?

There are a lot of unusual names that pop up in discussions about home loans and the mortgage industry. Maybe you’ve wondered who Ginnie Mae is and what she has to do with home loans. Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae are also brought up frequently. Are they related to Ginnie Mae? And then there’s...

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How a “Duck Hunt” Led to the Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve is a frequent topic on the evening news; yet, many Americans know very little about this powerful institution, the influence it has on the economy, and the mysterious meeting more than a hundred years ago that laid the foundation for its birth. A Duck Hunt on Jekyll Island...

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Do Your Research Before You Make an Offer

Buying a home is an exciting time and it is easy to get wrapped up and forget about what you really need from your new house. While it may be possible to rescind your offer to buy a home, it is best to do as much research before putting in your offer to make sure you are comfortable purchasing...

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What Are FICO Scores and How Do They Work?

When you’re shopping around for a new mortgage, one term you can’t escape is FICO score. Every lender bases your mortgage-rate calculation at least in part on your FICO score, but how well do you understand what a FICO score is and how it works? What Is a FICO Score? A FICO score is a numerical...

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Five Reasons to Reduce Your Debt Today

Loans and credit card debt can be a necessity. They can help pay for college or buy a car, but they can also hurt you when it comes time to purchase a new home or refinance your current mortgage. The mortgage specialists of Bank of Internet USA present five ways that getting your debt under...

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