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The Power of Compound Interest

You know your savings account and possibly even your checking account earn interest, but do you know how much? If you are banking with some of the nation’s biggest banks, the answer may surprise you. As of April 2016, the average savings account was earning account holders only 0.06 percent.i...

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Saving for Your Dream Retirement

Are you ready for retirement? Whether your retirement is 40 years away or right around the corner, ensure you have a happy and financially healthy retirement by putting together your savings plan today.  Retirement planning doesn’t need to be hard, and you don’t need to save tens of...

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Save on Taxes in Retirement with a Roth IRA

It is never too late to start saving for retirement. However, the time at which you start saving could determine which retirement account will provide the best return. For those who are starting to save for retirement earlier in their careers, a Roth IRA may be the best choice for putting aside...

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Retirement Planning Milestones: How to Save for Retirement from Your 20s to Your 50s

In order to retire with financial security, you need to start building wealth from the time you join the workforce. Throughout each stage of your life, you’ll have opportunities to meet important financial milestones that can determine just how comfortable your retirement will be. Make the...

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Retirement Planning: Alternatives to 401K

Reaching your 50s or 60s with very little money set aside for retirement is not unusual. According to the National Institute on Retirement Security, American households led by someone who is close to retirement age have on average $14,500 in retirement savings.It is really important to know all...

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