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4 Ways Bank Fees Steal Your Wealth & How to Avoid Them

$17 billion. That’s how much Americans pay in fees per year for overdrafts and non-sufficient funds (NSF)1. Meanwhile, ATM surcharge fees have reached an all-time high with a national average of $4.692 per transaction. Why are consumers paying so much money in...

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How Much Money Should You Save Each Month?

Deciding on the perfect amount to save each month can be difficult. Many financial experts recommend allocating 20 percent of your income toward long-term savings. However, there is no one-size-fits-all way to save. Life’s expenses ebb and flow, which will impact the amount you...

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How Much Money Should I Keep in My Savings Account?

First, a hearty congratulations to you. If you’re looking to build your savings, you’re already ahead of 61 percent of Americans who don’t even have enough savings to cover $1,000. However, while squirreling money away for savings is generally a good idea, it’s still a balancing act. Putting too...

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5 Money Mistakes You Might Be Making

As a teen, getting that first job or an increase in your allowance can be great. You suddenly have an influx of cash that you can spend on whatever you want. With all that financial freedom, however, you may also be finding that your money doesn’t stretch quite as far as you thought – or hoped –...

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How Do I Start Saving?

Whether the money comes from a paycheck or an allowance, it is important that you start saving some of that money as soon as possible.  It can be tempting to spend all of your money on the things you want now – like a new pair of jeans or a night out with friends. But what will you have...

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