Mortgage market might be very volatile this week

Nov 24, 2015

Monday did not end up being a bad day for borrowers. Although some lenders issued marginally higher rate sheets during the day, this is expected to come in the form of slightly higher closing costs or lower lender credit instead of higher rates in most cases. In fact, a large number of lenders...

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Rebound in housing market not boosting the economy as expected

Nov 23, 2015

According to a report by the Federal Reserve, home equity in the United States has increased by 100 percent to $12.1 trillion since the housing market hit a low in 2011. This is a clear indication that the housing crisis is finally over. Nevertheless, the recovery is not boosting the country's...

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Freddie Mac report shows weekly drop in mortgage rates

Nov 20, 2015

If one concentrates on following the daily mortgage news and its many fluctuations, it is easy to lose track of the bigger picture. Sometimes analyzing the weekly or even monthly statistics provides a more balanced view of where rates were and where they are heading. On Thursday, Freddie Mac...

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Release of Fed Minutes fails to significantly affect mortgage market

Nov 19, 2015

The Minutes of last month's Fed meeting were released yesterday. Readers will remember that October's meeting was the one where members clearly spelled out their intention to implement a rate hike in December. The minutes, which offer a more detailed view of the discussions that took place,...

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CoreLogic says demographics favor housing market

Nov 18, 2015

While nearly everyone has been analyzing the Millennial generation and why they are not buying homes at the same rate as the generation before them, it might have slipped many people's minds that Millennials and their parents are set to have an important effect on other facets of the country's...

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NAHB says housing affordability down slightly

Nov 17, 2015

Housing affordability has a profound effect on the country's economy because people need accommodation. If the average person can no longer afford the average home, alternatives have to be found, which at least partly explains the surge in demand for multifamily accommodation during recent years....

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Some hope for lower mortgage rates in the near term

Nov 16, 2015

Friday was the third day in a row during which mortgage rates failed to move higher. This is welcome news, but the other side of that coin is that rates also failed to move significantly lower. Except for slightly lower closing costs, most lenders are still offering the same contract rates. That...

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