Share of cash buyers in residential real estate market declining

Aug 3, 2015

Home buyers who have to apply for a mortgage are never in a strong position to compete with cash buyers. In 2011, cash sales hit a peak of 42.2 percent of all home sales, but this figure has been steadily dropping since then. In May 2014, it stood at 30.4 percent, and it fell to 28.5 percent in...

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Fed announcement fails to substantially move mortgage markets

Jul 31, 2015

Any time the Fed does something, it has the potential to rock financial markets, regardless of whether this comes in the form of a speech, minutes of a meeting, or an announcement. Unsurprisingly, therefore, all eyes were on the Fed’s announcement on Wednesday, particularly in a market where...

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Analyst Mark Hanson warns against Fed rate hike

Jul 30, 2015

If independent real estate analyst Mark Hanson’s rather contrarian views are correct, the housing market is not facing the rosy future that most other analysts are painting. This might be bad news for existing homeowners, particularly those who were thinking of selling their homes in the near...

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Mortgage rates once again near lowest levels so far this month

Jul 29, 2015

When the Greek debt negotiations reached a critical stage a few weeks ago, many analysts believed that a settlement could result in an outflow of money from bond markets, putting downward pressure on bond prices and upward pressure on rates, including mortgage rates. The fact that this did not...

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Housing market might not be able to keep up current pace

Jul 28, 2015

On the surface, the US housing market appears to be experiencing a boom. The NAR says that over the past year, the sales of existing homes surged by 9.6 percent. Annual sales reached 5.49 million last month, which is a level that was last seen before the recession. On Friday, the government...

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Orlando becoming new hotspot for single-family homes

Jul 27, 2015

The explosive growth of the multifamily market in Florida has often been reported on these pages, but not much has been said about the market for single-family homes in the state. The truth is that growth has been exponential in this market over the last couple of years.   Single-family...

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How long before mortgage rates break out?

Jul 24, 2015

Wednesday was another one of those days during which mortgage rates essentially traded sideways, which means they didn’t really do anything to write home about. This trend, or rather this lack of a trend, has been going on for the biggest part of July. The only exception was the two or three days...

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