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Housing Starts Strengthen While Construction Remains Weak

Jan 20, 2017 - Housing starts proceeded with their up-and-down pattern last month, increasing by 11.3% from November. This improvement was largely the result of a sharp increase in multifamily construction, while housing permits remained unimpressive.   According to HUD and the Census Bureau, residential...

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JP Morgan fined for discriminatory mortgage practices

Jan 19, 2017 - Today's mortgage news looks at a practice that resulted in tens of thousands of Americans paying higher mortgage rates than necessary, and it comes at a particularly difficult time for the nation’s homeowners.   According to a Reuters report, JP Morgan Chase has agreed to pay $55 million to...

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Mortgage Rates Approaching Lowest Levels in Two Months

Jan 18, 2017 - US mortgage rates dropped marginally on Tuesday, mostly recovering the losses recorded on Friday. This means many lenders are now once again offering their lowest rates since November 17, although January 11 was still slightly better on average.   There has not been sufficient market...

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US Treasury Offers Advice on Reforming Mortgage Market

Jan 17, 2017 - At a time when America is set to switch over to a Republican presidency after eight years under Democratic Party rule, the US Treasury set out its parting views on how to reform the housing system in the form of a three-part blog series.   In the first post, the Treasury discussed the need...

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Volatility Spills Over Into Mortgage Market

Jan 13, 2017 - US mortgage rates experienced a mixed day on Thursday. For a variety of reasons, variations between lenders have been bigger than usual over the last 24 hours. It started yesterday, when bond markets improved enough to prompt a significant number of lenders to issue better rate sheets by...

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