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What You Can Do to Get a Lower Mortgage Rate

Nov 14, 2012 - Whether this is your first time buying a home or you are looking to get a lower rate, there are ways to achieve the lowest mortgage rates possible. The most manageable way is getting your credit score as healthy as possible and the way to do that is paying your bills on time, and paying more...

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How You Can Be Prepared for the Cost of Your Home

Nov 14, 2012 - Costs of a home can often sneak up on people. Being a home owner has its rewards but is not always easy. Owning a home can create expenses that you weren’t prepared for. No matter how prepared you are, a first-time home buyer will face expenses that a landlord or property manager once took care...

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Are You Ready to Buy a House?

Nov 14, 2012 - Timing is everything for first time homebuyers, knowing when the right time to buy a house is is an important part of the process. This guide will provide you some of the things you need to know to pick the right time to jump into the housing market.First, determine how much you can afford...

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Shaq buys a “Shack”: Spends $235,000.00 To Get Another, Less Impressive Home

Nov 14, 2012 - According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the economy was able to add 155,000 jobs in December which could be a big help to the housing market. "Despite concerns about the fiscal cliff, businesses were running so tight on labor that even a modest increase in demand forced them to hire,"...

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Choosing the Right Realtor is Important in Helping You Find the Right Home

Nov 14, 2012 - A home buyer's Real Estate Agent is the person who helps the buyer find the right home. Often this will begin without a formal contract and later, the agent will ask the buyer to sign an agreement. This agreement will bind the buyer to that agent for all real estate transactions in a given time...

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