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Mortgage Rates Rise to Late October’s Levels

Dec 20, 2017 - US mortgage rates rose on Tuesday, ultimately reaching levels that were last seen in late October of this year. One reason behind the large magnitude of the rate increase in one day was the fact that the recent range of mortgage rates has been very narrow. In many cases, the difference in quoted...

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Slight Mortgage Rate Rise on Weaker Market Cues

Dec 19, 2017 - US mortgage rates recorded a modest increase on Monday, which brought the average lender back to the rate levels seen last Wednesday. The bond markets, which steer the movement of mortgage rates, had suggested that the rate increase would be larger. However, timing may have been the reason for...

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Doubts Over Tax Bill Help Retain Mortgage Rate Improvements

Dec 15, 2017 - In most cases, US mortgage rates managed to hold on to Wednesday’s gains throughout the course of the day yesterday. A few lenders did issue lower rate sheets, but they did not drop the actual rate being charged; only the upfront costs were slightly reduced. In most cases, the mortgage rate...

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Mortgage Rates Lower After Inflation Data and Fed Announcement

Dec 14, 2017 - US mortgage rates started to drop quite rapidly yesterday afternoon following the Fed’s latest economic projections, which were released earlier in the day. Although the Federal Reserve also increased rates on Wednesday, there are two important reasons that it did not have a major impact. First,...

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Mortgage Rates Remain in Uptrend

Dec 13, 2017 - US mortgage rates were on the rise over the last week, mostly in response to the tax reform bill that boosted Treasury yields via lower bond prices. These rates have been quite unstable recently, influenced by not only the potential tax reforms but also Fed monetary policy and investigations...

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