Debt Consolidation

Consolidate Debts by Refinancing Your Mortgage Loan

If you are feeling overwhelmed by credit card, medical, auto loan, student loan, or even multiple mortgage payments, you can use the equity you’ve accrued in your home to consolidate these higher-interest debts into a new mortgage at a lower interest rate. The experienced mortgage specialists of Bank of Internet USA can help you find ways to get out of debt fast and regain your financial freedom. Take a step toward renewed peace of mind by learning more about debt consolidation through mortgage refinance today.

Why Consolidate Your Debt with a Mortgage Refinance?

When you consolidate your higher-interest debts into a single monthly mortgage payment, you will:

  • Regain control over your finances and simplify your life by reducing multiple payments into one, low-interest payment
  • Pay less toward your new mortgage over the life of the loan than you would have making multiple payments
  • Become debt-free more quickly
  • Possibly be able to deduct the mortgage interest from your taxes, unlike credit card interest*
  • Have the opportunity to consolidate two mortgages into one at a much lower interest rate than your current second mortgage (if applicable)

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*Consult your tax advisor

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Lower Interest Rates Could Save You Hundreds Each Month

On average, homeowners pay roughly three times more interest on their credit card debts than on their mortgages. It’s not difficult to understand, then, why so many homeowners choose to roll their credit card debts into their home loans. If the current value of your property is more than the balance on your mortgage, you have to consolidate your debts.

Indeed, you can potentially save hundreds of dollars each month by tapping into that home equity through a mortgage refinance. A , , or is a great way to clear away not just high-interest credit card balances, but also student loans, auto loans, and medical bills. Refinancing can help you pay this debt off more quickly, and at a lower interest rate.

Consolidate Mortgage Debt by Refinancing

If you currently have a second mortgage, you also have the option of using the equity in your home to consolidate two mortgages into one. By rolling the two mortgages into a single mortgage at a far lower interest rate, you could . With from which to choose, and dedicated Mortgage Consultants on hand every step of the way, debt consolidation through loan refinance is a quick, simple process.

Why Refinance Your Mortgage with Bank of Internet USA?