Mortgage Customer Reviews

At Bank of Internet USA, our mortgage specialists are committed to helping our customers make their dreams of homeownership come true. They are proud to provide customized mortgage solutions, serving each customer with respect, courtesy, and integrity. We invite you to read the following reviews provided by some of our actual mortgage customers and then to let us know how we can best serve you.

  • "Professional delivery

    Melissa was the reason I selected Bank of Internet USA. I was receiving offers from several entities including others from the COSTCO Refinance Program. It was Melissa's professional delivery early on that persuaded me to pick your company."

    -Angela W.

  • "Easy to work with

    Ryan and Christy were both great and easy to work with."

    -Nathan P.

  • "All-star team members

    Bob and Michael - thanks! All star team members who worked with a tight time frame!"

    -Michael K.

  • "Best I have ever dealt with

    Barbara was excellent and consistent, friendly and helpful from the first Saturday telephone call right up to loan closing. She was terrific to work with. I have done internet loans as well as had local loan officers. She was the best I have ever dealt with. Barbara is an important and valuable asset for Bank of Internet. Susan impressed me with her dedication to getting my loan to close. There were many balls in the air with my loan and she never allowed one of them to hit the deck. Susan is very knowledgeable and hard working."

    -Mark B.

  • "Very happy with the professionalism

    I was very happy with professionalism of both Barbara and Tina"

    -Tomasz G.

  • "Always available to respond to my concerns

    I was very lucky to have Patricia as my mortgage consultant. She is very knowledgeable, courteous, patient and with a very positive attitude. Every time I had a question, she was always available to respond to my concerns. She is an outstanding mortgage consultant. Just great! I could not have been more pleased with her services. Also, Erica, account manager. She was very helpful too. I was very happy with the way the process went so smoothly. Thank you both!"

    -Nora C.

  • "Amazing job of coordinating the entire process

    Sherri was definitely exceptional and she did an amazing job of coordinating the entire process. Thanks for helping us throughout everything, Sherri!"

    -Paul T.

  • "So patient and professional

    I really cannot recommend Sherri more highly. She was so patient and professional. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a home loan."

    -Robert W.

  • "Exceeded our expectations

    Sherri way exceeded our expectations. She was amazing through the whole process."

    -Nathaniel D.

  • "Took the time to understand my specific situation

    I enjoyed all the individuals I worked with. Evan was both friendly and professional and took the time to understand my specific situation and guide me to the proper loan option, Jane was pleasure to receive her clear, timely communication and responses during loan processing, and Diane was highly efficient through the close process."

    -Daron S.

  • "Professional, patient and understanding

    Vanessa, Jane and Tiffany were all very professional, patient and understanding. They all went out of their way to respond to all of my questions and concerns. They made the process relatively simple and stress free. Thank you!"

    -Christopher T.

  • "They were always willing to listen

    Ray and Joan were my saviours. They were always willing to listen to me rant and help me thru the process."

    -Norma L.

  • "Excellent, responsive service

    Both Tricia and Jane provided excellent, responsive service."

    -David S.

  • "Answered all my questions

    Melissa and Jane are a great team, answered all my questions and closed my loan in less than 30 days exceeding my goal."

    -Karen C.