Savings Accounts

High-Yield Savings

Great Savings Rates, No Monthly Fees

Earn 0.61% APY1,2,3 while enjoying a variety of free perks, including FinanceWorks money management software. A Bank of Internet USA High-Yield Savings Account allows you to grow your savings quickly with interest compounded daily.


Save for the Short Term, Plan for the Long Term

Bank of Internet USA offers a variety of low-risk retirement savings and investment options that provide consistent returns. We invite you to explore our traditional IRA and Roth IRA options to find the retirement solution best suited to your financial goals.

Money Market Savings

High Interest with Checking Convenience

Our Money Market Savings Account offers the security of a traditional savings account with the benefit of a high interest rate and check writing flexibility. Earn 0.75% APY1,2,3 while taking advantage of free mobile banking, mobile deposit, and email and text messaging alerts.

Certificates of Deposit

All of the Rewards, None of the Risk

With a low minimum deposit and the flexibility to choose terms of between three and sixty months, a Certificate of Deposit (CD) from Bank of Internet USA is a safe, smart investment vehicle that will allow you to reach your financial goals with zero market risk.