Online Bill Pay

Save time and simplify your finances

Organize, view and pay your bills in one place

Online Bill Pay from Bank of Internet USA is simple and secure. Available in our online banking app, Online Bill Pay allows you to automatically set up and pay your bills online directly from your account..

Benefits of Online Bill Pay

Online Bill Pay app offers many benefits that will help make paying your bills less stressful and time consuming.

  • Simple: Located in our online banking app for easy accessibility.
  • Fast: You can make payments in just seconds.
  • Convenient: Manage and pay your bills from one single location. You won't have to worry about writing checks or remembering multiple passwords any longer.
  • Flexible:You can even set up a notification so you know when the payment is being made.

When you use Online Bill Pay in conjunction with the other online banking tools available to customers, you will have the opportunity to take complete control over your finances.

How to Get Started with Online Bill Pay


For Desktop: Log in to your account and select the Pay Bills tab at the top of your screen. Choose the Set Up Your First Payment button and follow the online instructions

For Mobile App: Open your mobile app and select Pay Bills located at the bottom of your screen. From here, you will be directed to Set Up Your First Payment. Follow the online direction to complete the process.

If you have any questions about these checking or savings accounts or Online Bill Pay, please today. Our friendly customer service agents can be reached by phone at 1-877-541-2634 or by email at .