Online Bill Pay

A Payment App That Will Save You Time and Simplify Your Finances

Pay Your Bills Online Simply and Securely

The Online Bill Pay app from Bank of Internet USA is convenient, easy to set up, and free to customers who open select and . This payment app, part of a full available to our valued customers, allows you to automatically set up and pay your bills online directly from your account. It is completely safe and secure and, over the course of a year, could end up saving you dozens of hours.

Benefits of Online Bill Pay

The Online Bill Pay app offers many benefits that will help you make paying your bills less stressful and time consuming. For example, it is:

  • Simple: The payment app is easy to set up and easy to use.
  • Fast: You can make payments in just seconds.
  • Convenient: Manage and pay your bills from one single location. You won't have to worry about writing checks or remembering multiple passwords any longer.
  • Flexible: You determine the amount of your payment and when you want it to be made.

When you use the Online Bill Pay app in conjunction with the other online banking tools available to customers, you will have the opportunity to take complete control over your finances.

How to Get the Free Online Bill Pay App

The Online Bill Pay app is simple to activate and set up. All you need is an account name and an account number. We invite you to watch the instructional videos on the right side of this page to see for yourself just how easy setting up and using Online Bill Pay truly is.

The Online Bill Pay app is automatically included as part of the following Bank of Internet USA Checking and Savings accounts:

  • : Our top-tier interest-bearing checking account, offering our highest interest rates, unlimited domestic ATM reimbursements, and other benefits
  • : A premier interest-bearing checking account, offering great interest rates, domestic ATM reimbursements up to $8 a month, and other benefits
  • : A checking account that offers cash back on select signature-based transactions using the Bank of Internet USA debit card and other benefits
  • : A no-fee checking account that offers unlimited domestic ATM reimbursements, exclusive cash back offers, and other benefits
  • : An interest-bearing checking account designed to meet the unique needs of those aged 55 and up
  • : A high-interest savings account with no monthly maintenance fees and interest compounded daily
  • : An account that combines the security of a traditional savings account with the freedom to access funds
If you have any questions about these checking or savings accounts or Online Bill Pay, please today. Our friendly customer service agents can be reached by phone at 1-877-541-2634 or by email at .

Learn More about Online Bill Pay

We invite you to take a look at our videos to learn more about Online Bill Pay.

  • Add a Payee Video How to Add a Payee
  • How to Make a Payment Video How to Make a Payment
  • setup an eBill video How to Set Up an eBill
  • Set Up a Reminder video How to Set Up a Reminder